Covid-19 information

Click on the box for Dr. Saxe's thoughts and a list of local and national resources for understanding and dealing with the pandemic.

How YOU can help

Click the button for a list of Charlotte organizations that need your dollars and manpower to help those most in need from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Who We Are

We are over 3500 Charlotte-area physicians, nurses, other healthcare workers, community members and students advocating for a single-payer universal health care system.  

Mission Statement

Health Care Justice North Carolina supports privately delivered, publicly funded, expanded and improved Medicare for All. 

Chapter Resolution

Do you believe that single-payer Medicare for All is the solution to our country's health care crisis? If so, sign our resolution and join HCJ--NC today. Membership is free. Add your name to thousands who have already signed and get our biweekly email newsletter with healthcare news and upcoming events.


Check out our short videos

We're producing a series of 3-4 minute videos, each of which explains one aspect of Medicare for All. Share them with your friends and family members to help them understand and support Medicare for All!

Quick Facts Sheet

We needed something small that we could carry around and hand out in checkout lines, elevators, and other short-contact venues - all of the main talking points about Medicare for All. So we developed these, which can be printed to half- or full-page size. Download it here and keep a supply handy! It's all anyone needs to know!

More Info!

Visit our information website,, for videos, elevator speeches, news, printable PDFs of our  Quick Facts sheet, key democrat congressional contacts and presidential candidates on M4A  -  and MORE!